Dual Impact StrategyMultifamily and Senior Living
DCM acquires and manages workforce multifamily and senior housing communities to ensure preservation of capital, produce consistent cash flow, and provide investment appreciation for our high net worth, family office, and institutional partners.

Multifamily Housing

Necessity of Life asset class.

DCM repositions underperforming workforce multifamily communities using Drever’s cost-effective signature enhancements to generate steady cash flow and capital appreciation. In addition, we reduce resident turnover by implementing strong social and safety programs which create a sense of community and help reduce operating expenses.

With homeownership at a 50-year low, current low unemployment, and favorable demographic trends, multifamily continues to be a strong performing asset class. Workforce multifamily housing is particularly compelling given that virtually no new supply of multifamily housing is targeted for this demographic, who has a higher propensity to rent than higher income workers. Our workforce residents strongly prefer a true “home” rather than transient housing. DCM’s proven track record is to provide such a product on a cost-effective basis.

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Larkspur Great Room

Senior Housing

Addressing the affordability crisis plaguing seniors.

The senior population of the United States is expanding at the fastest rate since prior to the 1950s. As the largest demographic in the history of the United States, Baby Boomers continue to reach the age of 70 years and older, and millions of new senior citizens are set to enter the rental market over the next decade and beyond. Within this “Silver Tsunami,” workforce retirees have a higher propensity to rent than any other age demographic except for those 35 years of age and under. As the workforce multifamily demographic ages into retirement, they are encountering a critical dearth of quality Class-A housing with moderate rents.

Innovative Memory Care

DCM is one of the only developers to offer Montessori-based memory care for seniors. Multi-sensory and therapeutic art and poetry classes not only support and prolong resident health, but also enhance and build community.

Larkspur Great Room
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Doing well
by doing good

From 50+ years in the business, we’ve learned that the more we do for our workforce residents, the better we do for our legacy investors. With every acquisition, we strive for excellence in three key areas: social, environmental, and safety-first.
DCM encourages strong community bonds by providing a variety of signature enhancements, social programs, and safety initiatives, which in turn increase occupancy, minimize resident turnover, and reduce operating expenses.
  • Workforce rents
  • Resort style pools
  • Community mixers
  • Kids' tutoring
  • Crime watch
  • Senior Care
Preserving our natural resources reduces operating costs and makes for healthier and more attractive physical properties that can compete in challenging markets.
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Controlled water use
  • Drought tolerant landscaping
  • Environmental sustainability
Everyone is entitled to safe and attractive housing. For over 50 years, DCM has been supplying this necessity of life to workforce residents—police officers, emergency responders, nurses, and teachers—while also securing above-average returns for our institutional and individual investors.